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Wasdell expands team of pharmaceutical experts

Wasdell Packaging has expanded its Qualified Person (QP) team with the appointment of Nick Evelegh-Taylor and Lucia Dalvit.

Over the past 18 months, Wasdell has grown its QP service, which provides the audit and testing required to release pharmaceutical products to the UK and European markets. The team works with the products manufactured by Wasdell, as well as those manufactured across the globe and received by the company, to ensure that they comply with their specification and have been manufactured and packaged according to Good Manufacturing Practice. The QP team also audits other pharmaceutical businesses to provide assurance that they are working to the required Good Manufacturing Practice quality standards.

Nick and Lucia’s appointment bring the QP specialist team to five across Wasdell’s sites in the UK in Swindon, Newcastle and Burnley.

Nick joins Wasdell from the NHS, where he was QP and Deputy Quality Controller at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. In this role he was responsible for the manufacture and release of sterile and non-sterile products and clinical trials undertaken at the hospital.

Nick said: “Moving from an NHS background to a commercial business has been very interesting as moving into a fast-paced commercial environment provides the challenge I was looking for. Wasdell’s interest in expanding the knowledge and the experience base of their QP team was a deciding factor and I hope to be able to provide useful hospital and patient insight into products and the process the QP team goes through.

“I’ve always had an interest in healthcare and a goal to expand into different areas and so Wasdell’s vision for growth in different activities and future expansion aligns well with my own personal aspirations.”

Lucia obtained QP status in 2015 and has worked for a number of companies in QP and Quality Control positions. Lucia is currently finalising the initial quality system for Wasdell’s new manufacturing and packaging facility in Dundalk, Ireland, to ensure that the business has the required pharmaceutical licences to operate and supply products internationally. She will also be part of the QP audit team who will work with similar businesses across the globe to ensure rigorous standards are consistent across manufacturing and packaging businesses no matter where they are located.

Lucia added: “Specialist QP positions can be hard to find in the region, especially ones that offer the training and development opportunities I was looking for as part of my own career progression. I wanted to be able to develop my strengths as a QP as well as experience different elements, such as leading audits of other companies and working on Wasdell’s new sites in the UK and Ireland. The audit opportunities are also very beneficial for Wasdell too as we can learn a lot from other facilities and bring back best practice from other businesses across the world.”