The Proposals

The initial concept for the site is shown above.

The plan indicates the proposed access points, landscaping and building unit layout.


The Swindon Science Park will meet Wasdell’s own requirements for growth, and provide facilities for other companies and organisations to innovate and develop in Swindon. It is anticipated that the development will be delivered in two phases, with the initial phase meeting the requirements of Wasdell.

The proposals have been developed with careful consideration given to the constraints and opportunities above. The buildings on site will be set within a strong landscape framework which has led the development of the proposals.

Access to the proposals will be taken from the following:

  • Phase 1 – a new temporary priority access arrangement off Pack Hill

  • Phase 2 - It is anticipated that the New Eastern Villages (NEV) Southern Connector Road (SCR) connecting the villages with the A419 will be delivered by Phase 2 with which a new fourth arm will be provided to a new roundabout located at the front of the site. This will replace the temporary priority junction on Pack Hill.

The consultant team has been in discussion with Swindon Borough Council who are delivering the SCR on the capacity and arrangement for this new roundabout so that the proposed development access can be accommodated.