The Inlands Farm Site


Welcome to the proposals to create a high quality, sustainable Science Park in Swindon.  

The proposals, which have been developed by Swindon-based Wasdell Properties Ltd, will deliver much-needed facilities for research and development and for high-tech manufacturing, as well as meeting Wasdell’s own requirements for growth.


A hybrid planning application was submitted in December 2018 to Swindon Borough Council and allocated the reference S/OUT/18/1943. Since this time the applicant and its consultant team have worked with the Council and statutory consultees to seek to address comments on the planning application. This revised and additional information was submitted to the Council in March 2020 and is accessible on the Council’s website.


The planning application consists of two main elements. Phase 1 is detailed, seeking full consent for the Wasdell facility, comprising land use class B1c, parking, landscaping, drainage and green infrastructure. Phase 2 is outline, seeking consent to demolish buildings, and a further phase of land use class B1c and B1b. All matters, including means of access, landscaping, layout and scale, are reserved for Phase 2.

The proposed site is at Inlands Farm, Wanborough, between The Marsh and Pack Hill. The site currently comprises a number of arable field parcels with boundary hedgerows and a grassland field to the north. The site is situated approximately 300m to the south of the New Eastern Villages NEV Strategic Allocation.


The Inlands Farm Site has been promoted for a number of years for a new Science Park through the Local Plan review that the Council are currently in the process of undertaking. Promotion of the site has and will continue through the Local Plan process as well as through the current planning application for the development.


Each page within this site provides further information on the proposals and the technical work that has informed the proposals.