Wasdell and Swindon Science Park


About Wasdell Properties

Wasdell Packaging is the largest independent high-tech pharmaceutical & healthcare packaging and research company in Europe. Its current HQ is at Blagrove, near Junction 16 of the M4.

Wasdell makes a significant contribution to the local and regional economy. It:


  • employs more than 800 people in the UK, with around 650 in Swindon, including highly skilled and lower skilled staff – such as scientists, doctors, operators, and packers

  • has seen turnover rise from £2m to £42m in ten years

  • exports 85 per cent of its turnover

  • uses 230 suppliers within ten miles of Swindon.

Future Need for Development


Pharmaceuticals and life-sciences drive inward investment and exports, and are a focus for government funding.

New contracts already secured by Wasdell, as well as new worldwide markets for pharmaceuticals, means the number of production lines available needs to increase substantially. Wasdell will need to employ 1250 people in Swindon by 2021, and create further jobs year-on-year. The company currently works across several Swindon sites, none of which has space to accommodate the expansion needed to support this growth. The company needs to relocate and consolidate operations on to one site.

Swindon Science Park


Wasdell Group, in joint venture with a partner developer, has formed Wasdell Properties to lead investment in a new Science Park for Swindon.


Science Parks provide a space and community for entrepreneurs, start-ups and academics to create a working environment based on innovation, collaboration and sharing of knowledge.