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Water Environment


Current State


The Inlands Farm site is characterised by open fields interspersed with ditches and ponds which route surface water towards a culverted watercourse beneath The Marsh and onwards to The Liden Brook, a tributary of the River Cole.

It is known that the site sees standing water on the surface in winter from overland flows and springs towards Wanborough which Swindon Borough Council has identified as a flood risk.

The Proposals

The Science Park will mimic the natural water environment of the area to the philosophy of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). This will ensure that the proposed development will be protected from flooding and will also not increase flood risk to other properties or the wider River Cole catchment.

Core Principles


The sustainable drainage system will:

​Limit surface water runoff to current greenfield levels to mimic current release to watercourses

​Limit flood risk to neighbouring areas

​Utilise at surface systems like swales and existing ditches to:

  • Promote bio-diversity

  • Improve surface water quality

  • Enhance the green space (amenity value)


Store water in attenuation features such as:

  • Ponds

  • ‘Dry’ detention basins

  • Porous paving in carparks